Durfee Hot Springs, a natural spring of warm water ( about 104 degrees ) was developed into a swimming resort by Henry Miller and Rosa Durfee in the early 1900’s.  It consisted of natural warm water bubbling up from springs in the meadow east of the Henry Miller Durfee rock house and enclosed by four cement walls.  The bottom of the pool was sandy and covered with rocks..  Later, dressing rooms for men and women were added and the pool enclosed by a high board fence.  Edwin (son of Henry & Rosa), and his wife, Jeanette (Nettie) Durfee, continued operation of the pool until the 1950’s.  The pool fell into disrepair and was closed to the public in the early 1960’s.  


Durfee Hot Springs is currently owned and operated by their descendants, Jackie Durfee Henson, and her husband Larry who rebuilt and opened it to the public in 2005.  The hot spring is a favorite soaking and swimming resort in Almo for visitors locally as well as internationally.

Accounts of pioneers who crossed the valley on the way to California, tell of marshes that were crossed; quite likely created by the warm springs later known as Durfee's Hot Spring.  (Early Trails.) 3. Excerpt from Elbert Durfee

Reference is made to a baptism of the Anderson family in June 1894 in the Lind family history.  Andres, Johanna, Gustave, Hilda, and Selma Anderson were baptized in Almo.  “Gustave and Herman enjoyed themselves swimming in the pool briefly afterwards.”  This reference to a pool may be what became known as Durfee Hot Springs. (Lind) p. 10 and p. 11.

Beth Horne was baptized on July 1, 1926 in the Durfee Swimming Pool. (Excerpt from John and Roxie Horne) history. p.28.